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Forced Induction

In an effort to “go green”, many automotive manufacturers are turning to the use of turbochargers to meet fuel, pollution, and EPA restrictions set forth by today’s society. In the past, finding a balance between efficiency and performance meant lighter cars, smaller motors, and 120 HP… not nearly enough oomph to get a driving enthusiasts’ heart pumping!

Thankfully, those days are over. Mitsubishi, Subaru, BMW, and Ford are a handful of manufacturers releasing new vehicles that are not only exceeding fuel and emission requirements;they are doing it with the same, if not more power and performance than their larger displacement competition. The introduction of the turbocharger, paired with more elaborate fuel and engine management systems, is driving HP and MPG numbers to new levels.

Feeling like your stock vehicle could use a performance “makeover” and you’re not ready to pony up for the cost of a new ride? Looking for the highest HP gain without breaking the bank? Great news! There is a solution to that lack of power and that comes in the form of a Turbo Kit.

Turbo Kits are packages that include the components needed to install a turbocharger onto a naturally aspirated (non-turbo) motor. In my last tech article, I discussed how to properly match a turbo to meet both the needs of your HP goal and engine size. (RR – did we run a tech article for Jesse as mentioned?) Turbo kit manufacturers take that information and use it to supply the proper turbo to be used with their turbo kit. Granted, most turbo systems have turbo upgrade options for even bigger HP gains, but those are usually left for customers looking to extract the optimum power from their Forced Induced

Now that we have decided installing a turbo kit onto your vehicle is a smart next step, how do we go about doing it? What is needed to install a turbo onto your car? How much is this project going to cost? My advice (naturally) is to contact the professionals at They can walk you through the process, make some suggestions as to what upgrades you should consider, and put a package together to meet your budget.

Most complete, reputable turbo kit packages will include parts designed to fit the specific vehicle the system is to be installed on. All of the intercooler piping, manifold, down pipe, fuel system upgrade, etc is supplied and has been tested to operate properly on the platform to which it will be fitted. WARNING: There are “turbo kits” available from some stores that say they are application specific, however, if you take the time to do some research, the kit you are ordering for your Honda Civic is the same kit they are offering for your neighbor’s Jeep Wrangler. We all know those kits are a nightmare to install!

Let’s say we are looking for a turbo kit for a Nissan 350Z. There are many options out there! Some single, some twin, some “tuner” (no fuel system) turbo kits available, where do you start? First, we suggest determining a realistic budget for your build. Consider the cost of the kit, think about whether or not you are going to install it, as there may be labor costs associated, and finally, consider the cost of tuning or DYNO time after the car is up and running turbo. Many of the 350Z turbo kits we have available run in the $5,000 plus range. The initial cost of the kit will consume most of your budget; however, you will need some extra pennies left over for the install charges. Labor times will range depending on the kit you choose, but we will use a $1500 install cost as a place to start. More and more kits are coming “pre-tuned” direct from the manufacturer, but as a precaution, we always recommend taking your vehicle to a local tuning facility to double check the install and make sure the tune is uploaded properly to your vehicle. Some final adjustments after the kit is installed for the optimum reliability and performance may be a possibility.

Let’s recap. The kit cost is $5,000. The Install cost is $1500, and the DYNO time is going to run us $250. So far, we are going to be spending $6750. While that may sound like a hefty bill, there is not an alternative option available that will offer more HP gains per dollar. Many will say they have a much larger budget to work with, and in that case, more options become available.

The second aspect we need to consider while choosing a turbo kit is the amount of Horse Power we are looking to achieve once the kit has been installed. Here leads us to another aspect we need to consider. Most auto manufacturers will rate horsepower at the crankshaft or flywheel. While this number will yield the highest HP figures, it is not taking into account for HP loss through the drive train. On many vehicles, an 18%-20% loss can be seen from what is called flywheel HP to the actual amount of power the motor is putting to the pavement. In this case, we call it wheel HP. In the last tech article, I discussed realistic HP gains we can expect to achieve from an internally stock power plant. In the case of our 350Z, the motor is rated at 287 flywheel HP from the factory, and with the complete turbo kit installed, we will expect to see that HP figure jump to the 450 HP neighborhood. A gain of 163 HP on an otherwise stock vehicle isn’t too shabby! Again, referencing our working budget, if we have additional finances available, a much higher HP gain can be achieved.

If you were to log onto, you would notice that there are a few kit options available that provide this HP gain. A third piece to the puzzle is the choosing whether to go with a single turbo set up or opt for the twin turbo kit. Although this option is available for the 350Z, many vehicles, especially with Forced Inducedour cylinder power plants, do not have the twin turbo option available, so that makes this next decision easy!

If optimum spool time and throttle response is your goal, a twin turbo system utilizing two smaller turbochargers would be the kit to consider. The limited amount of exhaust gas energy the smaller units require to build boost, makes them the best option for lower end HP and TQ gains. While they will provide impressive top end HP figures, the upper RPM range is where a single turbo system will really shine! The larger single turbo tends to sacrifice some low end grunt, but will make up for that lesser low end efficiency as the engine really starts to breathe.  Price is an added factor when choosing these kit options as well. Due to component cost, a twin turbo system will run a few extra bucks to purchase and you can expect the labor cost for install to also stretch the budget. Since we are comfortable with the $6750 budget we laid out for ourselves, a single kit is our best option.

We now know our budget, we know what type of kit we will purchase, but how do we know which specific kit to go with? Now here is where there is more flexibility. Some choose a kit based off their favorite brand of turbo, others choose a kit for the tuning options; some even choose a kit by what blow off valve is supplied! Those are all considerations that will have to be made, but our recommendation is to weigh ALL of your options.  Pick a kit that is constructed of high quality components, make sure it includes all of the hardware, lines, fittings, couplers and clamps needed for install. Sourcing these important parts from your local hardware store is not normally an option. If you are considering a “tuner kit”, make sure you contact your local tuning facility to make sure they have Forced Induced means of actually tuning your car once the turbo is installed. If the cost of a custom tune is too high, you may want to consider a kit that comes with an engine management system that offers a pre-tuned base MAP to get you off to a good start. It is more and more common to see kits coming with ECU flashes or “chips” that completely take care of the tuning aspect during install.

Lastly, especially if you plan on doing the install yourself, make sure the kit is designed specifically for your vehicle. The manifold, down pipe, intercooler, piping, and fuel/management upgrades are the major components in a turbo kit designed specifically for a particular model vehicle. Sure there may be other cars out there that share the same motor, however, that does not mean the majority of the turbo system components will fit properly in that different body style. If you understand what necessary modifications are required to get it to work, and you have the ability to make those adjustments, adapting a turbo kit to fit your vehicle may be an option.

Advancements in turbocharger technology are consistently increasing the efficiency, reliability, and performance capabilities of today’s turbo offerings. While purchasing a new turbocharged vehicle from your local dealership may not be “in the cards”, tuning your current vehicle to a higher level of performance with the installation of a turbo kit is surely a viable option.  Turbo kit manufacturers are becoming more “in tune” with the wants and demands of their customers. Offering a complete bolt on kit that provides a solution for tuning and upgraded fuel components is surely the goal of Please take the time to research your options before you decide on a kit to buy, and equally important, who you will buy it from. A quality, properly installed turbo kit will provide you with many years and thousands of miles of boosted bliss!

How About Some Good News?

How about some good news? has success stories to share! As many of you know, the release of our Kia Forte performance parts has been a huge hit. Over 100 intakes have hit the streets and the orders just keep on coming! The Exhaust systems and CAT pipes have been sold all over the world and the custom carbon fiber hoods have made it to the podium of show and shine events across the country.  Performance Auto and Sound magazine is even featuring our Forte cold air intake in this month’s buyer’s guide. What timing!

Black Label Fab Toyota MR2 Spyder Turbo KitAfter months of R&D and testing with Black Label Fab, the latest and greatest Toyota MR2 Spyder turbo kitis ready to be sold! The completely re-designed kit boasts gut wrenching throttle response and an AEM Water/Meth injection system to alleviate any intercooler heat soak issues. The new BLF billet wheel turbo is the highlight of the kit and for a little eye candy, all of the stainless exhaust piping is mirror polished. With repeated gains of 100+ wheel HP on an otherwise stock vehicle, the kit performs as well as it looks!

What more could possibly be going on behind the scenes at Well, LOTS, actually! The initial run of Forte turbo kits has been completed, shipped, and the systems have been well received.  Once we evaluate all of the feedback from our initial testers, production of the kit will be set to full speed! We recommend placing orders in advance as the pre-production kits sold out even before we could release a solid ship date!

The sporty new Honda CRZ hybrid has been released and YUP, Black Label Fab is already on it! Look for a shiny new stainless exhaust system, short ram, and cold air intakes to grace the pages of soon! The intake and exhaust systems not only appeal to your eyes and ears but your 0-60 times as well!

How to Clock a Turbo

Clocking a turbo refers to the rotation of the housings to properly align the turbo with the application it is being installed on.

  • Step 1: The first step before you even put the turbo onto the motor is to loosen up the bolts on the back of the compressor housing and the exhaust housing. By loosening these bolts you allow all 3 parts of the turbo to spin independently of each other.
  • Step 2: mount exhaust housing onto manifold / adapter (tip: lightly tighten one of each bolt to keep the housings from being to lose and not able to install on the manifold / adapter, once it’s installed, loosen them up to allow for rotation).
  • Step 3: rotate center section / bearing housing so the oil feed is at 12 o’clock and Turbo Flowthe oil drain is at 6 o’clock and tighten the bolts on the back of the exhaust housing. The exhaust housing will only fit on the manifold one way and can’t be rotated once installed, so you can tighten this down now. This also locks the bearing housing in place so the oil feed and drain are in the proper orientation.
  • Step 4: rotate the compressor housing until you line up with the first charge pipe. (tip: if you have an internally wastegated turbo, it is best to unclip the actuator rod from the turbo to allow the compressor housing to be rotated easily, you can then re-align the wastegate bracket and actuator rod with the flapper and reclip once the clocking is done).
  • Step 5: tighten the bolts on the back of the compressor housing and voila! You have successfully clocked and installed a turbocharger to your motor! Stay tuned every month for more tips, tricks and shop talk from

Can My Engine Handle a Turbo?

Is my engine in sufficient condition to install a turbo kit? A good initial check is to perform a compression test to each cylinder’s combustion chamber to test the health of the motor. If your engine is within OEM spec, there isn’t a variance of more than a few % between cylinders, and excessive oil and fuel consumption is not an issue, chances are your engine is healthy enough to support a low boost turbo kit. If the motor fails a compression test, the next step would be a leak down test to narrow down where the problem exists. Although a compression test & leak down test isn’t a guarantee that your motor is healthy, it is a great first step in the process.  If excessive oil consumption is an issue or less than optimal fuel mileage is plaguing you, adding a turbo to the mix will only amplify these problems.  We would not advise installing a turbo kit on a poorly performing engine until the running issues have been corrected.

Good Article on How to Do a Compression test by How is the engine compression checked? A. Engine compression is checked in different ways for different vehicles. In this section, I will only cover the general information required for testing a gasoline engine. Diesel engines require specialized equipment and will not be covered here.

Compression on a gasoline engine can be tested in two ways. The first method involves using a manual, handheld compression gauge.

  • Make sure the engine has been warmed up before beginning the test to ensure the engine oil is up to operating temperature. A cold engine will not test correctly.
  • Disable the ignition module or coil.
  • Insert the compression tester into one cylinder spark plug hole at a time.
  • Hold the throttle to full open position to ensure the engine gets adequate air intake.
  • Crank the engine continually for at least five to 10 full revolutions to obtain an accurate reading on the compression tester.
  • Record the reading for each cylinder. If any of them vary by 10 percent or more, a problem may exist in one or more cylinders. If the variance is greater than 10 percent, specialized testing equipment may be required to fully diagnose the problem.

If all cylinder readings are within 10 percent of each other, no further testing is required and compression is considered optimal.

The second method of testing involves the use of an electronic engine analyzer. The analyzer ‘shorts’ one cylinder at a time with the engine running and calculates the rpm drop. Once all cylinders are measured, a reading is given that will show which cylinders are working the hardest (have the most compression) and which are working the least (have the least compression). For the do-it-yourselfers, the easiest method is the manual compression test.


Apr 22, 2012 Hummer

Are you a hummer owner? There is a lot you can do with your hummer with gorgeous parts like Hummer H3 Accessories and Hummer H3 Parts being made available for you. If these are the requirements that you are looking forward to like dash panels, style fenders, stainless steel and so on then you have hi the right place. Implying all these parts into your hummer can help it increase its performance to the extreme. Accessorizing your hummer with all these parts like Hummer H3 Accessories and Hummer H3 Parts also helps it remain sturdy and protected for a real long time. Not only all this but apart fro this also dual extreme, steel bumper front are more spices to endure your delicious vehicle with. It is important for an individual to understand the necessity to maintain and service their vehicle time to time for its longer life span and a healthier life.

It is important to maintain the due care of these parts too which have enriched your vehicle.

Often your hummer is required to travel off the road in quite a sturdy lane rough and tough which can bring down the life of your hummer. But using all these parts can help you protect your vehicle better and longer. The best part is that all the information about these parts is now available on the website through the medium of internet. So you can access all type of information anywhere and anytime. It is not necessary for you to hunt for all these basic amenities of your vehicle offline.
 You can choose and order your piece right from the website. The company makes sure to deliver the product ordered by you at the right place and right time. With its years of experience the company promises the unfailing services to be provided to you at the best possible manner. With the wide range of choices available for you to choose from the different parts for your vehicle, sometimes it becomes difficult to make the right choice. But with the proper and professional assistance by the company you can endure the right decisions

Branded Auto Parts

advance auto parts

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Branded Auto Parts –

When you roll through the aisles of the local grocery store and you reach for a can of green beans, do you grab the store brand instead of the Green Giant can? As you shop for a new bottle of dandruff shampoo, do you reach for the Shoppers Choice instead of Head & Shoulders? When your worn-out shock absorbers, need replacement do you ask your auto repair shop for shocks in the white box instead of the national brand?

If you answered yes to the first two, you may be a wise and frugal shopper who knows how to stretch a dollar. If you answered yes to the third question, you should think twice. Here’s why.

As you compare the ingredients of your store brand green beans and the name brands, you will find them clearly identified and meeting FDA approval.

That generic bottle of dandruff shampoo has the same list of chemical components as the name brand product by volume and measure. But, if you try to make that same comparison on an auto parts box you can’t. Unlike many consumer products such as food, there are no government regulations on most auto parts. Yet poorly made auto parts can pose a real safety risk.


Today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment places tremendous demands on collision repair shop owners and managers striving to remain competitive and profitable. These demands include the need to stay on top of the latest technologies and production methods, as well as the need to keep employees up to date with product information and training.

PPG’s Platinum Distributor Network was conceived to create a strong partnership with an elite corps of distributors committed to helping customers meet these challenges, day-in and day-out

Used Bentley – Live the Dream


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Used Bentley – Live the Dream – bentley

Bentley is a name synonymous with wealth and power. To own a Bentley means that you have the money and the means to get things done. At least that is what people think when they see someone driving one of these prestigious high end cars. Interestingly enough, the Bentley brand is fraught with financial woes and internal troubles that contrast the public view of these elite cars. Never the less, there is no doubt that Bentley is a car that many people could never hope to obtain, in fact these cars are so elite that it is likely that you have never even seen one much less had the opportunity to purchase one. However, there are those who have purchased a Bentley that never thought they could because they purchased a Used Bentley.

Now, do not go thinking that you can take your $ 10,000 in cash and go purchase a Used Bentley today. Even a used Bentley is going to cost you more than a traditional vehicle. Do not forget, these are the pinnacle of cars, the cream of the crop so to speak, so even a used one is going to start at $ 50 to $ 60 thousand dollars. While this is not as affordable as, let’s say a used mini van, the way people perceive you when you drive a Bentley is far different then how they see you when you pull up in your mini-van.

A new Bentley can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars so getting a Bentley for fifty or sixty thousand dollars is a great deal, especially considering that Bentley owners are synonymous for keeping their vehicles in great shape. While you are not likely to get a 2009 Bentley Arnage for fifty thousand dollars, you could find yourself driving away in a 2004 Continental GT Coup Used Bentley for that price and that is saying something.

It is rare for someone to not know the Bentley name. Everyone who knows it understands that this is a name that means quality as well as high end when it comes to vehicles. Bentley has been around since the early 1900s and is still going strong, even in the tough economic climate. It is no wonder that a Used Bentley is so appealing, everyone wants to drive a Used Bentley

Jaguar Earthworks

Earthwork is a very important phase in construction and so it is mandatory to get this work done only by professional expertise who have great experience in this field.  Jaguar earthworks has more than 15 years of experience in earthworks and labour hire.  While hiring our service, you will ensure safe and fast action for the required work.

We ensure client’s satisfaction and deliver the best  in earthworks with the help to our great man-force. Also, labour hire service is best in the field and you will get quality work  for your industrial, commercial or residential earthworks. Out motto is to execute with a rage for delivering the excellence.

Our company has a huge range of resources which will be used to do any kind of job given to us. Whether you want to reconstruct your residential property or you are looking for a renovation for your office building, Jaguar Earthworks is the ultimate destination where you won’t require to compromise with quality and quantity.

Our experience in earthworks and labour hire will be reflected with our style of work. You don’t need to worry about any interruption in your own work due to construction or demolition because your worries are our responsibility. We are capable to arrange the work in such a order that you can continue your work without any interference.

Our caring hands will be with you right from the beginning till  the completion of task. It is our promise that dealing with us will be your investment instead of expenditure.

Jaguar earthworks offers a wide range of services which includes excavation, demolition, plant hire, truck hire and asbestos removal. You will get quality work in these services which include all the aspects of completion of a project. We take each kind of project as our duty and complete it with care and responsibility.

We provide our services in all kind of excavation earthworks. Whether you require excavation for your basement area or you need help for detailed excavation for footings, we are always ready with our manpower and resources to serve you. We also provide hand excavation services for the confined areas. If you require rock sawing service, then we will do it so keenly that your adjoining neighbors will not be disturbed at all. Our engineers specially visit the site for rock excavation work so that they can ensure safety and quick service.

We have resources to deliver all kind of demolition work including hand as well as machine work. We control the demolition work with  our precise vision and looking after your requirements.

We have a great man-force which is organized by project managers and special technicians. Our supervised are certified for the work they are performing and they always deliver their best to ensure your happiness. For hand demolition you can hire our day labors that will do their work with great sense of responsibility. Our labors are specialist in hand excavation trenches task for confined areas. If you are looking for a qualified operator and some machine for construction purpose, then you can hire our service

Buick Riviera Parts

Buick Riviera owns pride in providing world class luxury to Americans for more than 35 years. Buick Riviera was launched in 1963, and up till 1999 this power packed luxury car succeeded in providing it’s drivers and car owners with amazing comfort and brilliant performance. This car has been specifically more famous for its luxury features and specifications. The 1970′s model of Buick Riviera was slightly smaller than its previous models due to the changing trends. In 1979, Buick Riviera was proudly named as Motor Trend’s vehicle of the year.  Buick Riviera has been in genuinely famous in America for many years due to its superior quality and extraordinary performance. Since its launch, Buick Riviera always stayed ahead of other vehicles of its time in both technology and features. This car was equipped with V8 engine at the time when no other cars had such a powerful engine.

Furthermore, The earlier models of Buick Riviera were considered as best ever model in terms of shape and style.
There is a wide variety of Buick Riviera parts available in market today. In fact, several online stores also serve to provide Buick Riviera parts at your doorstep.  The parts are available for entirely all the models ranging from the 1960′s model to the supercharged model of 1999. The range of Buick Riviera parts includes brand new auto parts, OE-specification parts, and in some case remanufactured parts are also available. By remanufactured part, it is meant that the auto parts like water pumps and alternators are disassembled and restructured. The parts are rebuilt and all the defected components are replaced with the new and best quality parts. 
Buick Riviera has successfully targeted its customers for many years by providing them utmost performance and satisfaction regarding the amazingly perfect features introduced and installed in all of its models. It will not be wrong to say that this model (Riviera) of Buick is undeniably the most sought after brand of its times especially in America.  The best thing regarding its popularity is that its auto parts are readily available in the market, and this facility has made it an even more attractive car among luxury car lovers. 
The most popular auto parts of Buick Riviera available in market include engine, transmissions, chassis, hoods, doors, windows, suspensions, instrument panels, Buick Riviera bumpers, head lights, and light assemblies. Apart from these, other parts which are readily available in the market include air conditioners, wheels, alloy rims, steering wheels, wipers etc. Buick Riviera parts can also be purchased from various online stores. These and other parts are available in many shapes, sizes, and colours. Also, Buick Riviera parts are available for all the models quite easily

Buick Skylark Parts

Buick skylark is no doubt an amazing car that has made its name and reputation among car lovers and enthusiast world over. This marvellous car promises great performance and remarkable comfort. In 1953, Buick introduced its first generation Buick Skylark along with two other convertibles from General Motors. Buick Skylark surpassed others in sale at that time due to its impressive performance and outstanding features. Such great response also resulted in introduction of several other models of Buick Skylark from time to time. 
The first generation of Buick Skylark were introduced with convertible body styles. It also resembled Roadmaster line in terms of features, dimensions, and appearance. However, it also has that distinct feel apart from having similarities with Roadmaster line, and thus excelled a lot in sales due to its ultra high performance.

No doubt, Buick Skylark has most effectively targeted its customers and has continued to impress the users with its unique features and high performance.  Buick continued to introduce several models of Buick Skylark in 1953-1954, 1961-1972 followed by another model in 1980-1985, and then in time period from 1987-1998. All the models introduced in these years varied in features, technology, design, and style. Furthermore, Buick also kept in mind the customer demands and needs, and thus stylised and enhanced their models accordingly. 
Buick Skylark auto parts are easily available in auto markets and can also be browsed over the internet as well. You can easily search for your required Buick Skylark auto part from various reliable online stores and order it over the internet. Buick Skylark is an expensive car and so the auto parts are also expensive to buy. However, you are recommended not to compromise on the quality of auto parts that you buy for your Buick Skylark so as to make sure you get the perfect performance in every way. 
A better idea would be to buy used high quality auto parts in case you have a tight budget. Buick auto parts include body kits, carbon hoods, custom seats, rims, various engine part, doors, locks, catalytic converter, exhaust, muffler, bumpers, steering wheels etc. You can buy these parts from the market easily. Apart from the various auto parts available in the market and on online stores, Buick Skylark auto parts also vary in design, shape, colour, and sizes. This is because of the various models of the Skylark being introduced from time to time. Furthermore, this flexibility in variety of Skylark’s auto part is also to provide comfort and choices to customers in terms of buying their required auto part from the stores