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How can I prevent Oil Contamination Failure?

Oil Contamination

Turbochargers are very reliable and most failures are caused through contaminants in the oil, insufficient or irregular oil supply (oil starvation), high exhaust gas temperatures or foreign materials into the turbine or compressor wheel blades. In today’s blog we are going to show what damage contaminants in the oil can cause to your turbocharger and how you can prevent this from happening.

NOTE: ALWAYS determine the cause of your turbocharger failure before fitting a new unit. You risk failure of the replacement turbo if your original problem is not addressed.

Turbo Shaft

Turbocharger failure due to oil contamination, notice bearing pickup on journals of shaft.

FEEL: Signs of a turbo failure due to oil contamination will be excessive radial and axial play in the rotor assembly.
SOUND: The compressor and turbine wheel may make contact with the end housings causing a metallic noise.
SIGHT:The failed turbocharger will require strip down to further assess whether cause of failure is oil contamination or something else.

Lets look at why contaminants in the oil effect your turbo

Turbos operate at very high speeds and temperatures, which put the turbo bearings under great stress. A hydrodynamic film of oil coats the journal bearings and the shaft within the centre housing of the turbo which makes the quality of the oil critical in daily operation. Poor oil quality and contaminants can quickly create wear to the ID and OD of the journal bearings as well as on the shaft itself.

Turbocharger thrust bearing

Journal Bearing

- A blocked or damaged oil filter
- A poor quality oil filter
- High carbon build up in the engine
- Contamination of oil during services
- Engine wear – leaving swarf deposits in the oil
- Degraded oil due to high temperatures
- Poor quality oil

How can I prevent oil contamination turbo failure?

- Ensure you carry our oil change intervals in guidance with your vehicles manufacturers specifications as well as oil filter maintenance, oil pressure control and air filter system maintenance ensuring you do not contaminate the new oil during these processes.
- Ensure your oil is the correct grade for your engine – you should be able to find this out through your vehicles manufacturers manual.
- Always use fresh oil and new filters when fitting your genuine turbocharger.
- Replace oil supply piping to eliminate any carbon deposits or sludge that could enter the turbo or restrict oil flow to the turbo bearings.


Mercedes Benz Drive Thru “MERCEDES DRIVE THRU” in London

What’s not to love about food and art? The two come together in what is called the “MERCEDES DRIVE THRU,” a temporary and driveable restaurant that’s designed by British food artists Sam Bompas and Harry Parr.

The aim is to provide “an exceptional sensory experience” highlighted by good food and some light art, accomplished by the duo with help from the Jason Bruges Studio, a multimedia collective in the UK.

A new Mercedes-Benz A-Class will be one of the main draws of the restaurant, staged artistically to highlight the design and make it interact with the whole installation and light show. Basically, the car is used so guests can go through the building as they place their particular orders and with the lights all in the background. It’s an interactive activity that should excite many a guest.

“Mercedes is a brand with a high standard of quality, and the aesthetics of Mercedes design are a great inspiration for us,” said Bompas. “We create luxury dining, Mercedes produces luxury cars—working together to create the world’s best “drive thru” is therefore an obvious idea for what will be a remarkable feat of cooperation.”

This driveable restaurant can be found in the lobby of the Selfridge Hotel, found in Oxford Street (Mayfair) and guests can go there between September 13 to 16. If you’re in the area, you might want to check it out—it should offer quite a visual and gastronomic ride.

DTM 2012: Zandvoort Preview

dtm zandvoort 2011 race 7 597x399 DTM 2012: Zandvoort Preview

There’s four more races left in the 2012 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters season, and the whole Mercedes-Benz stable is gearing up to extend its lead in the three standings of DTM. After a bit of a disappointing showing in the last race at Nurburgring, the team is eager to bounce back.

“Zandvoort is one of my favourite tracks on the DTM calendar,” said three-time winner Paffett, who is still leading the drivers’ standings by 20 points. “The track offers a good mix of fast and slow turns—this variety gives me a lot of pleasure as a driver, and so I’m really looking forward to climbing back into the cockpit just one week after the Nürburgring.”

“I’m now really looking forward to Zandvoort,” said Jamie Green, who is third in the drivers’ standings and is 2 points from second spot at the moment. “The dune circuit is quite challenging and makes very different demands on the vehicle as compared to last weekend at the Nürburgring. The fast sections of track really suit me and the car, and, as has so often been the case this season, I expect a close fight for the top positions.”

Since the DTM races took to Zandvoort in 2001, Mercedes has won 5 out of the 11 races. Gary Paffett and company are looking to add to that tally this weekend.

Diesel in a Sportscar? The SLK 250 CDI Made it Possible

mercedes Benz slk250 7 597x398 Diesel in a Sportscar? The SLK 250 CDI Made it Possible

Before, nobody would ever think that a sportscar with a diesel engine will ever come to life. Some cannot believe that it could run that fast. But the SLK 250 CDI is now out to prove them wrong.

The introduction of the new SLK 250 CDI by Mercedes-Benz not only marks the continuation of the company’s unique diesel engine heritage, but also serves to counter in impressive style the common misconception that diesel engines and sports cars are incompatible. The four-cylinder diesel engine in the Roadster delivers 150 kW (204 hp) from a displacement of just 2.2 litres to give the two-seater its characteristic sporty temperament. The sprint from zero to 100 km/h takes just 6.7 seconds – true sports car performance. Apart from all this, the SLK 250 CDI is the most economical and therefore the most environmentally compatible roadster in its segment. It is happy with 4.9 litres of diesel fuel per 100 kilometres (NEDC combined consumption).

The New 2013 Mercedes SL65 AMG with V12 Biturbo

The New 2013 Mercedes SL65 AMG with V12 Biturbo The New 2013 Mercedes SL65 AMG with V12 Biturbo

If you like the previous SLs, the you’d probably love the 2013 Mercedes SL 65 AMG that has the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G Tronic transmission that can get 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. Not only that, the car has the 6.0L biturbo V12 engine that’s 7 pounds lighter with new turbochargers and exhaust system.

The engine output is up to 630PS with 1000 Nm of torque, which means more speed and power. And oh, the looks of the Mercedes SL65 AMG is something to be coveted too. Luxurious and gorgeous leather and amazingly beautiful exterior, I bet anyone would want that.

The thing is, this comes with a hefty price, €236,334 in Europe/Germany.

G63 AMG And G65 AMG Unleashed On The World

2048 12c380 011 597x397 G63 AMG And G65 AMG Unleashed On The WorldAt first glance, calling the latest G63 AMG and its big brother (the G65 AMG) new seems silly, given that the G-Class can be described as a venerable, even evergreen model in light of its continued production in the face of newer designs. But the G-Class exudes an aura of ruggedness and dependability that few vehicles, Mercedes or not, can match. Continuous improvements to the looks, interior and powertrain of the G-Class has resulted in a vehicle that is far from what the original designers envisioned.

Take as an example the new G63. Its drivetrain is adapted from the latest iteration of the ML63, which means it has AMG’s 7G-Tronic automatic transmission plus ESP, Mercedes’ excellent version of traction control. The heart of the G63 is AMG’s twin turbo V8 that punches out more than 540 horsepower. Even the jaded cannot fault that figure. And lest you imagine that the G63 is just all brawn, consider that it now rides on newly-designed 20-inch wheels with recalibrated suspension settings to reduce NVH levels. Yet it still maintains the rugged dependability the G-Class has become known for.

Inside, new instrument panel and state-of-the-art infotainment and assist systems greet the driver, complete with a TFT display panel. And apart from the standard leather trim, the G63 can be ordered with carbon fiber touches to lend it a more distinctive look.

For those who think that 540 horsepower is just adequate for this land bruiser, the truly exclusive-oriented can opt for the G65, which features a monstrous V12 fitted with twin turbochargers. With more than 610 horsepower to throw around, this animal of an engine should give the latest AMG G-Class the grunt to conquer any obstacle.

The CLS 63 AMG Stealth by GSC


GSC CLS63AMG 001 597x396 The CLS 63 AMG Stealth by GSC

What do you get when you soup up an already fast car using a package centered on a Stealth aerodynamic kit? That’s the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Stealth by tuner German Special Customs.

The aerodynamic body of this tuned car, as well as its body color, really shows off the design that’s influenced by stealth airplanes. There’s a new hood with a broad shaft, fresh side skirts, and a broader front fascia. Instead of the Mercedes-Benz logo adorning the front grille, the GSC emblem is displayed on that section. Oh, the new bumber is also laced with LED daytime running lights for added functionality and style.

With those additions and the performance upgrades provided for the Stealth’s 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the custom vehicle generates 225 horsepower more than the standard AMG variant. The Stealth’s 750 horsepower is aided by a new exhaust system, bigger turbochargers, and a bonus water cooler. New 20-inchers are in place, while drivers will also get to play nice with the front axle’s adjustable suspensions.

The GSC CLS 63 AMG Stealth has a top speed of nearly 350 kph, while its 0-100 kph time is rated at a mere 3.7 seconds.

Another E90 BMW 335i… Equipped with CTS FMIC Kit

Today we had a super clean E90 in for a CTS BMW 135/335 FMIC kit install.  As you can see it’s relatively stealthy hiding behind the Mtech front bumper.  A quick drive around the block and the gains measured by the “but dyno” are obvious.  Power is up due to the lower charge temperatures resulting in a fun ride especially paired with a JB4, Cobb AccessPort, Vishnu etc…  Below you can see a few more pics of the kit as the install progressed…

BMW E90 335 N54 with CTS FMIC kit – you can see how thick this intercooler is compared to stock:

A quick shot of the monstrous CTS FMIC kit sitting behind the Mtech front bumper:

The stainless steel hard pipe that is now included with all new CTS BMW 135/335 FMIC kits.  This pipe is 2.5″ in diameter made from smooth, high quality stainless steel.  The pipe pictured just below the radiator hose here replaces the restrictive stock piping to connect your new FMIC to “the BOV” pipe:

A quick shot of the FMIC mounted looking from under the car towards the front of the car.  The intercooler core is extremely thick measuring in at 20″ long, 6″ tall and 7″ thick, bar and plate, high density, this will cool whatever you can throw at it.


Audi R8 Loaner Wheels No More!

We say no more! Loaner wheels be gone! And that’s pretty much what ADV.1 said too! We wrote about them good guys having their customers’ ride rolling along on a set of loaner wheels until the order was done. Now the actual set is here, photographed by Will again!

The Beard (we gotta trademark this ASAP!) took the Audi R8 for a spin and made some quality photographs. Again. The order required ADV.1 to make a set of ADV05 Deep Concave wheels for this White Audi R8 and oh did they do it right! For those that aren’t familiar with their lineup, these are five-spoke wheels, but with a little twist! You’ll get the idea when you take a look at the whole shoot below.

I’ll try to keep this short, so here the specs about this setup. Customer went with 20×9 and 20×12 sizing for his ride, opted out for the brushed aluminum centers and chrome lips. As some may require a more contrasting set for their cars, we are into the whole idea of keeping it bright and this car came along so nicely. Another good job by ADV.1 on another good looking vehicle. Check the full shoot right below!

ADV.1 Audi R8 on ADV05 Deep Concave Wheels by William Stern

ADV.1 Audi R8 on ADV05 Deep Concave Wheels by William Stern

ADV.1 Audi R8 on ADV05 Deep Concave Wheels by William Stern

ADV.1 Audi R8 on ADV05 Deep Concave Wheels by William Stern

ADV.1 Audi R8 on ADV05 Deep Concave Wheels by William Stern

ADV.1 Audi R8 on ADV05 Deep Concave Wheels by William Stern

ADV.1 Audi R8 on ADV05 Deep Concave Wheels by William Stern

ADV.1 Audi R8 on ADV05 Deep Concave Wheels by William Stern

ADV.1 Audi R8 on ADV05 Deep Concave Wheels by William Stern

ADV.1 Audi R8 on ADV05 Deep Concave Wheels by William Stern

Sexy Dodge Viper Shoot by C3Photography

We can certainly say that whoever doesn’t like this photoshoot from C3Photography, should recheck his manhood right away! Yes you are correct, we are saying that whoever doesn’t like this is probably headed for a lifetime of designer bags, pink cocktail drinks and Barbra Streissand CD’s.

This photoshoot has two necessary ingredients for a great photoshoot – hot looking muscle car and sexy women! Not much more a guy could ask? Maybe a cold beer in his hand while looking at these.

This photoshoot was done for Carlevale Custom Cars and it’s a custom Dodge Viper also built by them. They do old school American muscle cars, with quite a few projects shown on their website, so it would be good for any classic muscle car fan to check it out.

This sick looking Dodge Viper is a thing of beauty itself, but add some sexy models flown just for the shoot from Los Angelese and you’ve got yourself a winner. But guys behind C3Photography didn’t allow them to be distracted by the quantity of win in this situation and they once more came up with high quality photography work, which you can check out right after the jump.

We know you probably skipped the whole article and went to the photos right away, but hey nobody’s perfect!

Sexy Dodge Viper Shoot by C3Photography

Sexy Dodge Viper Shoot by C3Photography

Sexy Dodge Viper Shoot by C3Photography

Sexy Dodge Viper Shoot by C3Photography