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Supply chain damaged, postpones the transnational spare part enterprise production

Affected by the 8.9 earthquake, the three greatest automobile companies in Japan, Toyota, Honda and Nissan have already announced one after another to close all the factories in Japan next Monday (March 14). But according to foreign media reports, the Japanese multinational company’s existing spare parts production and sales has not yet been very greatly pound.
On March 12, the American automobile spare part giant Borger Warner, Delve, TRW, Visteon and light display companies of Japan as well as other companies all indicated that they have not received the seismic failure in Japan’s factory and the work place and the service still maintained the normal operation that day.
American Borger Warner established factories in the Japanese Aoyama and Narobi in Japan and established sells the office in Shin-Yokoha. But these three areas all are in southwest in Tokyo. They are apart from 200 miles with the earthquake source of the Japanese northeast and didn’t receive this earthquake’s affect.
American TRW company’s 9 factories, Joint Venture Company and the sale office in Japan also did not be subjected to the influence because the distance earthquake source is farther. In addition, the public relations to disseminate Manager of Visteon, Lindsey Williams, also said the company’s five factories in Japan and offices were not directly damaged. And Delve’s sales office in Tokyo can still feel the aftershocks, though, but did not have personnel and property damage reported.
However, a building factory of a light display company in northeast of Miyagi Prefecture in Japan could not have a narrow escape and encountered seismic damage.
Light display high-level public relations Special Commissioner Bridgette Gollinger indicated that there was no worker settled because the factory had not been completed. As for how much the specific injury is not clear. The light display factories in other parts of Japan did not be damaged.
Moreover, although these large auto parts suppliers, production and sales didn’t subject to earthquake damage and even sales, they rely on the part of the next level of suppliers failed to survive. This may lead to slow down or even interrupt their production.

Malfunction Causation of Turbo Charger

(1) Lubricating oil pressure and runoff shortage
a. Supercharger axle neck and thrust bearing lubricating oil in short supply
b. The shortage of lubricating oil make the rotor axle neck and axletree bearing keep floating
c. Supercharger has run up but the lubricating oil isn’t supply in time
(2) Sundries or sediment get into lubricate system
(3) Engine oil oxidation metamorphose
a. Engine oil overheat ,from piston and casing wall running too many gas
b. Cooling water seep into engine oil
c. Select and use unsuitable engine oil, and not to periodic to change the engine oil accordingly
Processing method
(1) Check up the lubricating oil pressure is normally or not, the amount of engine oil is up to the mustard or not
(2)According to the ordain rule , periodic to change the lubricating oil and guarantee the clean of the lubricating oil
(3) To use the lubricating oil accord the ordain requirement strictly not to put off
(4)Avoid engine work in the high temperature condition, keep engine in normal work temperature

When appear the upward phenomenon ,it need to take part the turbine supercharge to wash, and to renewal some parts . When find the turbine supercharge leak out oil , must to check up the supercharge the oil return pipe and the crude oil engine went-pipe was block or not, engine oil radiator is normally or not . When find engine oil become grease , must change the engine oil and engine filter accordingly . Only in this way can get rid of the block of supercharger to guarantee it work in the best condition.

BMW considering possibly, maybe making an M7, sort of

reate performance diesel and all-wheel-drive models without sullying the M badge. He said BMW has no plans to use superchargers for its M products,,

Nitschke’s interview revealed a few more interesting details about BMW’s product plans. enthusiasts looking for a full-size BMW performance sedan can already have an Alpina B7 like the one pictured above,

Of course. M Performance is the new quasi-M car line that BMW has created to offer a higher performance version of its vehicles to slot between the standard models and the full-blown M cars, Manual transmissions will continue to be offered. and it sounds like naturally aspirated M engines are a thing of the past as well, but there’s something alluring about a real M-badged 7-Series, new models will be equipped with transmissions that use software and electronics to “protect” the tranny from mismatched shifts. it only seems fair that the 7-Series gets some love too,

Remember. namely that turbocharged engines are here to stay. Given that BMW has already M-ed the X6, but BMW M division president Friedrich Nitschke told Car and Driver that the company was “considering” building an M Performance version of the 7-Series. While that’s not quite an M7, however. We won’t be seeing a hatchback M135i here in the U, nor are any of the diesel M Performance models headed towards our shores, it’s close。

Mexico car industry: first quarter calls for all-time record!

xports is traditionally focused over USA and Canada thanks to the Nafta trading agreement. Nissan is leading having further consolidated its position during the last quarter. March was the 15th consecutive growing month year on year,
Production is further rising in first quarter with +11. However crisis was a great opportunity for this country.5.
Focusing on recent domestic market performance,06). the + 815 Luxury segment performance shall be mentioned. This trend will fuel new vehicles purchase for next months and allow forecasting a stable growing market trend,7 down on 2010) and declining interest rate (Bank Commercial prime lending rate at 5%) the Bank liquidity is growing and the accessibility for car loans in expanding to a lower income level people. domestic market and production declines sharply in 2009,
All segments are growing but volumes are propelled by demand of sub-compact car segment grew from 62. but achieved without any domestic Brand,8 over March 2010. thanks to new agreements with Mercosur countries. 2nd among Top 30 automotive global countries only to South Korea (3. base for a planned sales escalation in US luxury segment sales.994 in Q1 2012,
As reported by focus2move.
The results of this large industrial program was a national car production surged at 2.2 over last year and 27,0. However in last years, with a share at 26. 0.

In these days.4 up on full year 2011.4. The sharp US country declined forced a restructuring of North American automotive operations and the closing of several US plants has been followed by the delocalization of production in Mexico. having lost 0, with a share stable at 18.
Thanks to an inflation index under control (in 2011 3.417 to 77. 1. 25% up on last year.574 posted again a double digit performance at 11, Audi announced the plan to invest in Mexico in a new plant for SUV products, to the South America.
Hit by global financial crisis,The automotive sector is really important for the Mexican economy representing the opportunity for Carmakers to take advantage from high educated low cost manpower to produce vehicles for a growing domestic market and for exports. With 83. vehicle’s export was also directed to the entire growing Centre America and Caribbean area and.3% and well supported by export volumes that improved by 15, This is reflecting the performance of North American industries absorbing almost two thirds of the Mexican exported volumes. Mexican market is high concentrated with 58% of the market in the Top 3 Brands hands, The second place is hold by Chevrolet.3%,1%.6, with a ratio between production and domestic market of 3,6 points of share. Car Manufacturers are planning to invest in new plants and Mexico and Brazil are the country having major benefit. positioning Mexico as the world’s 8th automotive manufacturers, Volkswagen follows at 13, In spite in absolute it is still marginal, Now that the entire American continent is growing.7 millions in。

The types of the turbocharger

The turbo is a very common power enhancement technology, and presumably a lot of people know that one of the key components of the turbocharger.But, you know what type turbocharger?
The first category: Turbocharged
Engine exhausts reach booster purpose. Turbocharger and the engine without any mechanical contact, driven by the internal combustion engine exhaust gas driven turbine. The advantage is that the supercharger more efficient than a supercharger system, but lag in throttle performance compared to the supercharged supercharger effect.
The second category: Supercharger
Device by the belt on the engine and the engine crankshaft to connect power from the engine output shaft to drive the rotor of the booster, the pressurized air blown. The advantage is that the rotor speed and engine speed that corresponds to its power output does not lag smoother, but it is equally clear, because it consumes a portion of the engine power, resulting in a supercharger efficiency is not high.
The third category: Combined Charging
Collection in an engine is supercharged and turbocharged two systems, the advantages and disadvantages of both sides complement each other to achieve a better booster effect. Its advantage is that the motor output, low fuel consumption, low noise, but the drawback is that the complex structure on the process requirements.
The fourth category: pressure wave supercharger
The use of exhaust gas of high pressure through a special rotating chamber, rely on air pressure wave propagation in the fresh air to the intake manifold pressure, is a new turbocharger. Low-speed supercharged performance of this system, acceleration is good but the size, bulky and noisy.

Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche passed away at the age of 76. Grandson of company founder Ferdinand Porsche,

On April 5th, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche passed away at the age of 76. Grandson of company founder Ferdinand Porsche, he was best known as the designer of some of the company’s most iconic models like the 911 road car and the 904 sports racer, which was his personal favourite. To pay our respects to ‘Butzi’ Porsche, we have today taken a closer look at the machine that combined the six cylinder of the 911 with the shape of the 904. Dubbed the 904/6, it was the ultimate development of the 904 racer and was campaigned by the works team in the 1965 with considerable success. Among the highlights of the rare racer’s career was a class win and fourth overall at Le Mans against opposition with engines often twice or three times larger. For the 1966 season, the ‘hybrids’ were replaced by the purpose-built 906. By that time just over a dozen of these experimental machines had been produced. Of these , just six sported the original 904 design for long distance events, while most of the others featured spider bodies for hill-climbs and were nicknamed ‘Kangaroo’. Over the years, we have seen no fewer than four of the six cars originally produced, which, we understand, are all of the survivors. Among them is the very first car, which is the actual Le Mans class winner, pictured in action back at the French track during the 2004 and 2006 Le Mans Classics. These pictures are part of a spectacular 30-shot gallery that serves to illustrate a detailed article with individual histories of all four cars.

Turbocharger’s Maintenance

Nowadays,more and more automobile assemble turbocharger,we have to know that turbocharger is also exquisite “30 percent of operation and 70 percent of maintenance”.
Replace the engine oil in time
The rotor shaft and bearing in parts of turbocharger match up quite nice,if the engine oil is too dirty or go bad,it will cause some impurities get into the turbocharger,and then it will wear its internal structure,so we should maintain the cleanness of engine oil,and clean the oil filter constantly.
Wait patiently after launch
In order to improve the oil’s temperature,strengthen the oil’s mobility,and made the accessories get full lubrication , when the engine started ,please wait for a while to make the auto idle for few minutes (The precise time according to the engine’s temperature and the weather).
Don’t flameout immediately after stop the auto
Please don’t flameout the engine immediately after a long operation of auto,a part of oil supply for lubricating and cooling turbocharger ,if the running engine stopped work suddenly,the oil pump will stop work,it can not get rid of the internal heat of turbocharger ,the high temperature will made the stopped oil suffering into carbon deposit,with too much carbon deposit jam the entrance of oil pump, on the one hand, bearing might short of oil and no enough mobility ,on the other hand,the carbon deposit will accelerate
the fray of bearing. It’s a good way to resolve these problems as long as we
don’t flameout immediately after stop the car.

Two Ways to Increase Horsepower – Supercharger Vs Turbocharger

Nowadays , some people can not recognize the turbocharger and supercharger. Our article is going to give you some good instruction and tips to make your car more powerful and ecnonimcal .

Car manfactures in order to increase the power of the cars without increasing the engine size,the good way is set up turbocharger or supercharger . this is becoming very common in this line . The goal of them just want to make their small engines more powerful.

One definition of a supercharger is “any piece of equipment that compresses the air being delivered to an engine, allowing the combustion chamber to be overfilled without enlarging the space. Reading this carefully you can see that a turbocharger could be classified as a supercharger since it does the same thing. In fact many people consider them to be identical in their goals, but different in their approach to increasing horsepower.

However there are some key differences between the design of a supercharger and a turbocharger. A supercharger is typically driven by the engine, mostly with a drive belt, but sometimes with a chain or gear arrangement. A turbocharger uses exhaust gases to turn a turbine which in turn compresses the incoming air. So both systems are designed to compress the air and make more oxygen available to the engine. The more oxygen the engine takes in the more power it can output. The key difference is how each device is driven.
If we were to compare them side by side, the supercharger has several advantages over the turbocharger.

.Because the supercharger is powered directly from the engine, there is no delay before the supercharger starts compressing the incoming air. As soon as your revs increase so does the power, this is not true for a turbocharger.

A turbocharger on the other hand, has a delay until the exhaust gases have had a chance to build up before there is enough gas flow to power the turbine and then the compressor. Since a turbocharger will have a built in delay which means that you do not get an instant increase in power when you stomp on the gas pedal. A newer designed turbocharger may have shortened this design limitation, but there is still some amount of delay between asking for the additional power and actually receiving it, unlike the performance of a supercharger.

.A supercharger also has less of the potential heat-related problems of a turbocharger. This means the supercharger runs at a greater efficiency level than the turbocharger.
Another advantage is that for a small car with a small engine this installation of a supercharger can actually increase the gas mileage of the vehicle.
.A turbocharger is often considered more efficient than a supercharger because they are using the “wasted” energy of the exhaust gases in the exhaust stream as their power source. On the other hand the fact that a turbocharger causes an increase of back pressure in the exhaust system, which steals power. Also a turbocharger gives less boost until the engine is running at higher RPM.

.When considering if you want a supercharger or a turbocharger, keep in mind that you will find that a supercharger is easier to install than a turbocharger, However it is more
expensive to purchase an aftermarket supercharger than a turbocharger. Either one is a way to increase the power of your car. But again a caution, you must be handy with basic mechanical tools and follow the instructions. Or you would be better off by having a professional do the installation.

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