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Alfa Romeo Giulia, 50 years old

This historic Italian brand is 50 years old. It was back in June 1962, when it was presented, to be sold in more than one million copies which were discontinued in 1977.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia

An important birthday for a car history of the Italian country: the Alfa Romeo Giulia is 50 years old. In fact, it was June of 1962, when this car was presented to the international press at the Monza circuit, where began a major success. Produced until 1977, Julia sold a million copies, in all its variations and evolutions of the body motor.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

Alfa Romeo Giulia Front ViewAlfa Romeo Giulia Side View

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Rear ViewAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Rear View

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Front ViewAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Front View

Therefore, this historic saloon became a true icon of the Italian house, not only in Italy, but globally. The first model of Giulia, the version of TI (Turismo Internazionale), was fitted with the 1.6 engine from 92 hp, mated to a five-speed gear (a rarity at the time). Later was produced the super TI, Giulia 1,300, and the New Super Car, before going out of production in 1977.

Alfa Romeo Giulia DashboardAlfa Romeo Giulia Dashboard

Alfa Romeo Giulia EngineAlfa Romeo Giulia Engine

Engine: 1.3 L I4, 1.6 L I4, 1.8 L diesel I4 Length: 4,140 mm (163 in)
Production: 1962–1978 Width: 1,560 mm (61 in)
Horsepower: 92 hp Height: 1,430 mm (56 in)
Body Style: 4-door sedan Maximum Seating: 4
Top Speed: 60 mph Wheelbase: 2,510 mm (99 in)
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Curb Wight: 978–1,130 kg (2,156–2,491 lb
Layout: FR layout Predecessor: Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Production: 1962–1978 Successor: Alfa Romeo Giulietta (nuova)


2011 Ford Mustang GT Daytona Pace Car For Sale Again – 2012 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction

2011 Ford Mustang GT Daytona Pace Car

After spending a couple of years in hiding this infamous Mustang GT is coming back to auction. Back in January 2010 it crossed the block at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale event netting a cool $330,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Ford has since built 50 replicas, but make no mistake that this is the real deal. No mention has been made as to whether this will be another sale for charity.

2011 Ford Mustang GT Daytona Pace Car

This car was the first Ford to pace the Daytona 500 since 1970, and it was well deserving of the position. The new 5.0L V-8 launched in this Mustang is one of Ford’s biggest achievements in years, being their first V-8 with twin independent variable cam timing. Viewed by many as one of their best engines in decades.

2011 Ford Mustang GT Daytona Pace Car

As with most pace cars that come to auction, the Mustang has received special treatment inside and out including custom decals and door sills. Aside from being one of the first Mustangs to appear with the then-new 5.0L Coyote V-8, which is good for a solid 412 bhp, this car is equipped with a special Ford Racing suspension setup, strut tower brace, and muffler. It seems its current owner was far more concerned with preservation rather than enjoyment as the car is sitting with no more than 920 miles on the odometer.

The List: 31 SUVs with Third-Row Seats

    2013_infiniti_jx35_prf_ns_82212_815.jpg offers a Live Advice service that allows you to chat online with specialists who can help you find answers to your most burning questions. You can access the service by clicking on the “Live Chat” link at the top right corner of the Edmunds main page. You can also reach our specialists via Twitter.

Our specialists are a pretty knowledgeable team of ladies and gents. Whether you’re a shopper looking for general buying advice or an enthusiast in search of data that’s considerably more arcane, you can rest assured that this crew will do their utmost to leave you informed and satisfied.

Dennis Rayfield is one of our Live Advice specialists, and he finds that one thing people are always asking about is third-row seating. 

In response to this, he decided to put together a list of SUVs available with this feature. Dennis’s list is included here, for all those in the market for an SUV with a little something extra in back.

Note that this list includes the Ford Flex. While the Flex isn’t technically an SUV, we thought it was worth including, since it’s often cross-shopped against some of the models included in this list.

1. Acura MDX




2. Audi Q7



3. Buick Enclave



4. Cadillac Escalade



5. Chevrolet Suburban



6. Chevrolet Tahoe



7. Chevrolet Traverse



8. Dodge Durango



9. Ford Expedition



10. Ford Explorer





11. Ford Flex



12. GMC Acadia



13. GMC Yukon



14. Honda Pilot



15. Hyundai Veracruz



16. Infiniti JX



17. Infiniti QX



18. Kia Sorento



19. Lexus GX 460



20. Lexus LX 570



21. Lincoln Navigator



22. Mazda CX-9



23. Mercedes-Benz GL-Class



24. Mitsubishi Outlander



25. Nissan Armada



26. Nissan Pathfinder



27. Subaru Tribeca



28. Toyota Highlander





29. Toyota Land Cruiser



30. Toyota Sequoia



31. Volvo XC90

















Alfa Romeo All Set To Launch Alfa Romeo Milano

Alfa Romeois all set to launch the Milano at the 2009 Bologna Motor Show which will be held in Italy this December. There were many spy shots that have been taken to reveal its identity but the company has well camouflaged it to reveal finer details. However it is evident that the 2010 Alfa Romeo Milano edition would be crafted with a five door layout and share the new 8C inspired theme.

There is news that the new edition will not get a new platform but will share Fiat’s C-Evo platform with the Lancia Delta and Alfa Romeo Bravo. It is expected that it will be equipped with a small four cylinder engine which would generate 120 hp. It would also offer options of 3.5 liter V6 engine which would deliver 265 horsepower.  There are rumors that after its debut the company will launch a GTA model like the MiTo’s recently unveiled version.

alfa romeo milano

The company has designed two new models Milano and MiTO to meet the demand of the customers, and retain the existing customers by meeting their demands by offering different options. They have crafted the MiTO to meet the demands of the urban and youth while the Milano would cater to the affluent class who desire style and luxury.

Finer Details: Alfa Romeo 169

Alfa Romeo is a well established brand known for its luxury vehicles. The Alfa Romeo 166 was designed by the between 1998 and 2007 and features the same size like its competitor, BMW 5 Series.

Alfa Romeo is working hard on updating this edition. This new edition will be released in late 2011 donning the 169 title. This next gen model will be designed on the lines of the new Mito hatchback and will be aimed directly at the Cadillac CTS, BMW 5 series, and Mercedes Benz E class.

Alfa Romeo 169
The engineers are working hard to overcome all the criticisms of the 166 edition (especially the lack of rear wheel drive platform.)  It is expected that the new 169 will borrow the rear wheel drive platform from the 2011 Chrysler 300 to offer a more dynamic and finest driving experience. However, this new edition will be equipped with its own engines and suspensions to sport a unique flavor. There are rumors that the 4.7 liter V8 engine which produces 450 hp from the 8C Competizone supercar  could be reserved for a high performance GTA model that could go up against the E63 AMG and M5.

There are more tidbits added to the story recently that the company could even start production of the 169 in North America to keep the prices of the local version down. It is expected that the next gen 169 would be priced at around $40,000 and would target a position roughly close to the Cadillac CTS and BMW 5 series in terms of output

Lap the Autocross in a Ferrari or Lamborghini this August! Baltimore/DC Area Driving Experience

If you are going to be in the Baltimore/DC area (or need an excuse to be) next month, join your friends at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals for 3 mean laps in a Ferrari or Lamborghini supercar!

Supercar Driving Experience

Forget a day at the spa—an exotic supercar is far more energizing!

This special driving experience will be held at Regency Furniture Stadium at the Autocross outside. Bring a couple of friends or family and prepare for an unforgettable introduction to power, speed and automotive evolution!

Supercar Driving Experience

Ferrari California rental

The details:
• Autocross parking lot—11765 St. Linus Drive, Waldorf, MD 20602
• August 23rd-26th, August 30th-September 2nd, 2012
• Arrive at least an hour in advance to ensure that you are not late. Late arrivals will forfeit their drive as the schedule is packed! We hate to see anyone disappointed—so timing is crucial.

Supercar Driving Experience

The fine print:

• Dates, times, and cars subject to availability
• Must be 21 or older to drive 

• Must be 13 or older to ride-along 

• 6’4″ height max, 325lb weight max
• Must sign waiver
• Autocross track insurance required
• Credit card required at booking
• Valid driver’s license required at the event

Supercar Driving Experience

Some of the supercars lining the track of a previous Imagine Lifestyles driving event. As you can clearly see from the photo, we roll rain or shine.

This is a fantastic way to save without sacrifice! You can still slip behind the wheel of a hypercar for 3 full laps without busting the budget and therefore upsetting the spouse. Tell you friends about this unique opportunity and share it on Facebook—we hope to see you there!

Supercar Driving Experience

See you soon!


A history of Alfa Romeo cars

Any car enthusiast worth their salt will know the Alfa Romeo brand, but do you know how they got to be one of the world’s most important car manufacturers? Founded one hundred years ago in Milan, the Alfa Romeo brand has recently celebrated its centenary on June 24th 2010. It all began in 1906 when the French car firm Alexandre Darracq decided to join forces with Italian investors and create the Societa Anonima Italiana Darraca (SAID), the roots of the Alfa Romeo brand. Initially the company planned to manufacture their vehicles in Naples, but the site was changed to Milan and a factory was established there instead. A new company began as an offshoot of the business and the manufacturers created the Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, which would become known as A.L.F.A. The 24 HP was the first break out into the market, designed by Giuseppe Merosi.

With World War I drawing resources elsewhere, the ALFA factory submitted to a cessation in production for three years, recommencing in 1919. Italian entrepreneur and engineer Nicola Romeo became the new director in 1915 and oversaw the war effort, producing munitions in place of motor vehicles. When car production started up once more, Romeo changed the company title to Alfa Romeo and released the first model under this new brand: the Torpedo 20-30. Alfa Romeo entered a golden age, producing high-class racing cars as well as consumer road vehicles. However, in 1928 Romeo left the firm and Alfa struggled to retain its position.

In1932, with government assistance, the Alfa Romeo brand was rescued and they took control of the company’s direction. Under the government of Mussolini, Alfa Romeo became the national car manufacturer but in World War II the factory was badly hit by bombers. Previous production of luxury cars turned into mass-production of popular models. But following the war, Alfa Romeo managed to retain pole position as a leading vehicle at the Grand Prix. In the 1960s it developed the GTA (Gran Turismo Allegerita) which won the Sports Car Club of America’s Trans-Am championship. Despite falling into further financial struggles in the 1970s, the Fiat Group created a new company to manage the production of Alfa Romeo under the Alfa Lancia Industriale S.p.A.  Since February 2007 the company has been part of this group, but part of the Fiat cohort since 1986.

Alfa has long been a respected car model with Alfa Romeos leased and bought the world over and the company continues to stand for quality, elegance and passion.

Alfa Romeo Service

Alfa Romeo car servicing at low cost

How to save money on your next Alfa Romeo service

Alfa Romeo servicing is now much cheaper, for those in the know.

Thanks to European legislation, you no longer have to be tied to high Alfa Romeo service costs, dictated by your local dealer.

In October 2003 new European legislation affecting the motor industry came into force called “Block Exemption Regulation” 14002002 (BER), and this now means that you can book your next Alfa Romeo car service online and save up to 50% on what you might pay at your local Alfa Romeo dealer.

Before the law changed it was difficult to have new cars within their warranty period serviced outside a franchised dealer. If you wanted to shop around for the best prices on Alfa Romeo servicing, your hands were tied.

The change in the law now gives every car owner the freedom to service their car away from the main dealers, and still have their warranty protected.

Thousands of Alfa Romeo car owners have now taken advantage of their new right and reduced their Alfa Romeo serving costs, whilst benefiting from the convenience of booking with national car service providers such as Service A Car.

Service A Car is a leading online car servicing network that prides itself on the quality of its Alfa Romeo servicing, their customer service and transparent pricing. Because the company is not tied to any particular car manufacturer, they are able to service any make of vehicle and compete freely in the market, on a like-for-like.

Every vehicle is rigorously serviced according to the manufacturer’s servicing schedule, using genuine recommended parts fitted by qualified technicians. This means that every Alfa Romeo car service fulfils the warranty criteria and there is no compromise on the servicing standards of a main dealer.

Alfa Romeo Car Alarm System

Alfa car alarm system is one of its kinds that give us a real protection of our car. Real protection means that it protects our car physically as somebody is guarding our car by sitting beside all the time. This is the unique functionality of Alfa car security system. Alfa car security system is only manufactured in USA. It gives as impressive look to our car and comes up with some excellent quality and performance enhancements. This is basically designed by an Italian based institute.

The package of Alfa Romeo car alarm system includes remote and video systems which notifies when our car in danger or in some kind of trouble. This feature makes Alfa Romeo car alarm system, a symbol of safety and protection. This car alarm kit is made up of excellent material especially imported from Germany which makes this of no match with all other car alarm systems available in the market. The exclusive features of Alfa Romeo car systems make us feel comfortable and safe.

Alfa Romeo car alarm system is very easy to use as it comes up with user friendly user manuals which provide easy information about how to install and make it work for ourselves. It is also very easy to upgrade our car alarm system so that we can prevent our vehicle from any kind of damage or danger of being stolen by someone.

The main alarming components that come along with Alfa Romeo car alarm system are remote alarm button, an alarm indicator, a gas alarm ,a fuel alarm etc. all these alarms are purely made from German materials that are supposed to be the best of all available throughout the world.

Alfa Romeo car alarm system is available in various types depending upon the model of the car. Mainly Alfa Romeo 145 car alarm, Alfa Romeo 146 car alarm, Alfa Romeo 147 car alarm, Alfa Romeo 155 car alarm, Alfa Romeo 156 car alarm, Alfa Romeo 157 car alarm etc. all these models of the car have their own featured car alarm system which differ from others in quality, performance, design and efficiency.

We will briefly discuss the features of all these models. Alfa Romeo 145 car alarm is developed to replace the old fashioned 33- car model. As Alfa Romeo 145 car is being launched in 1994. Alfa Romeo 145 car alarm when functional will warn the driver from a fair distance that will allow preventing the car from theft as well as from any exterior or interior damage. Alfa Romeo 146 car alarm do not differ very much from Alfa Romeo 145 car alarm system because the only difference between the two cars is a door as Alfa Romeo 145 car is a 3 door car and Alfa Romeo 146 car is a 5 door car. Basically these two designs are to target the small families. Alfa Romeo 147 car alarm system is bit different from the previous two versions as it includes many extra features like oil alarm, pressure alarm, electronic alarm etc. Now talking about Alfa Romeo 155 car alarm system it takes a new turn as this car is being developed by IDEA, an Italian institute. This alarm system is an upgraded version of the previous alarm systems

The main advantage of Alfa Romeo car alarm system is its very affordable price. Alfa Romeo car alarm system is really very inexpensive as compared to other different types of car alarm systems available in market. This is easily available on sites and with different distributors as well. Due to its sole features it is trying to catch the attention of maximum people.

Alfa Romeo – An Ultimate racing Machine

Alfa Romeo is one of the leading automobile companies which are involved in manufacturing cars, trucks and light commercial vehicles. Alfa Romeo is an Italian based company which was started in 1910. Alfa Romeo has since then been involved in manufacturing high speed racing cars and also involved in car racing since 1911. Alfa Romeo Company initially concentrated mainly on producing world class competitive racing cars to be involved in car races. The company also became a part of Fiat groups in 1986. Alfa Romeo’s headquarters and manufacturing factory is in Milan. In the year 1920, after the world war, the company also started producing road cars along with race cars. The race cars of Alfa Romeo became an instant success in all formats of the car racing fraternity. Various head designers were appointed to design competitive race cars for Alfa Romeo. During the Second World War, the manufacturing factory unit was bombed and shattered completely. The company was unable to manufacturing racing cars and other high profile cars for a long time. It concentrated on producing small mass produced cars after the bombing. In 1952, Alfa Romeo produced its first front wheel driving compact car. It was named Project 13-61, Tipo.

Alfa Romeo cars won various Grand Prix events and other car motor sporting events from 1915. It was one of the leading cars in motor sports arena. The most famous driver for Alfa Romeo cars was Enzo Ferrari. He was first appointed as the driver and later went to become the principle designer of Alfa Romeo race cars. Enzo Ferrari later went on to start his own car manufacturing company, Ferrari. Alfa Romeo has been the company to use latest technologies first and have also initiated various leading technologies. Various famous automotive design companies have accepted and used the concepts and designs of Alfa Romeo.

By the year 1960, Alfa Romeo had established itself as a leading manufacturer of not only sports cars, but also small cars and various models which were especially custom built for Italian police force. ‘Panthers’ was the most famous model that was produced by Alfa Romeo for the Italian Police. Following the huge success of ‘Panthers’, Alfa Romeo went on to produce other models for Italian police. Some of the models produced in small segment cars were, Alfa Romeo Alfetta, Alfa Romeo “Nuova” Giulietta, Alfa Romeo 75, Alfa Romeo 164 (Official Vehicles), Alfa Romeo 155, Alfa Romeo 156, Alfa Romeo 166 (Official Vehicles), Alfa Romeo 159. Alfa Romeo cars were started to be imported in USA in mid 1950s.

The current models that are under production for Alfa Romeo are Alfa Romeo MiTo, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Alfa Romeo 159, Alfa Romeo GT, Alfa Romeo Brera, Alfa Romeo Spider, Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. MiTo is a small segment car built for family which is a 3 door with a hatchback. Giulietta is a 5-door hatchback car. Alfa Romeo 159 is a Sedan, executive car which comes in two models, 4 door Sedan and a 5 door wagon. Brera is a coupe car while other models are sports version cars.