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The List: 31 SUVs with Third-Row Seats

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Dennis Rayfield is one of our Live Advice specialists, and he finds that one thing people are always asking about is third-row seating. 

In response to this, he decided to put together a list of SUVs available with this feature. Dennis’s list is included here, for all those in the market for an SUV with a little something extra in back.

Note that this list includes the Ford Flex. While the Flex isn’t technically an SUV, we thought it was worth including, since it’s often cross-shopped against some of the models included in this list.

1. Acura MDX




2. Audi Q7



3. Buick Enclave



4. Cadillac Escalade



5. Chevrolet Suburban



6. Chevrolet Tahoe



7. Chevrolet Traverse



8. Dodge Durango



9. Ford Expedition



10. Ford Explorer





11. Ford Flex



12. GMC Acadia



13. GMC Yukon



14. Honda Pilot



15. Hyundai Veracruz



16. Infiniti JX



17. Infiniti QX



18. Kia Sorento



19. Lexus GX 460



20. Lexus LX 570



21. Lincoln Navigator



22. Mazda CX-9



23. Mercedes-Benz GL-Class



24. Mitsubishi Outlander



25. Nissan Armada



26. Nissan Pathfinder



27. Subaru Tribeca



28. Toyota Highlander





29. Toyota Land Cruiser



30. Toyota Sequoia



31. Volvo XC90

















Those Crazy Italian Supercars: Meet the 2013 Puritalia 427

Italy is known for two things: delectable cuisine and extreme hypercars. But did you know that Lamborghini and Ferrari are not the only superstar supercars to hail from Italy? There are the usual suspects– Pagani, Maserati and DeTomaso, but there is also an emerging start-up exotic carmaker revving things up—Puritalia!

Puritalia 427

Puritalia 427 teaser

The goal of this unique new carmaker is to provide “simplicity and purity of the driving experience”. Puritalia’s first model will be called “427”—clearly a nod to the most iconic roadster in existence, the Shelby Cobra. You can experience the best slice of automotive history personally when you rent a Shelby Cobrafrom your friends at Imagine Lifestyles! (Available in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago and LA!).

Shelby Cobra rental

1965 Shelby Cobra rental–memory lane is officialy open!

Shelby Cobra rental

Jay Leno also owns a 65 Shelby Cobra

The Puritalia 427 will be compact, luxurious and fresh. It will feature a V8 engine kicking out 445 horses with the possibility of a supercharger to bring it up to 605 HP. The official unveil will be this summer, and it will be exclusive, with just 427 units available in 2013.

From the teaser photo, the Puritalia 427 looks like a cross between a Shelby Cobra and a Porsche. What do you think of this swanky newcomer? Comment below! Check out our Porsche rentalsand entire fleet of rentals from all the top exotic car brands on your way out!

Imagine Lifestyles Shelby Cobra rental in Gumball 3000

Our Shelby Cobra dressed to the nines for the 2012 Gumball 3000, where it was driven by CEO Maximillion Cooper and rapper/actress Eve