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The List: 31 SUVs with Third-Row Seats

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Dennis Rayfield is one of our Live Advice specialists, and he finds that one thing people are always asking about is third-row seating. 

In response to this, he decided to put together a list of SUVs available with this feature. Dennis’s list is included here, for all those in the market for an SUV with a little something extra in back.

Note that this list includes the Ford Flex. While the Flex isn’t technically an SUV, we thought it was worth including, since it’s often cross-shopped against some of the models included in this list.

1. Acura MDX




2. Audi Q7



3. Buick Enclave



4. Cadillac Escalade



5. Chevrolet Suburban



6. Chevrolet Tahoe



7. Chevrolet Traverse



8. Dodge Durango



9. Ford Expedition



10. Ford Explorer





11. Ford Flex



12. GMC Acadia



13. GMC Yukon



14. Honda Pilot



15. Hyundai Veracruz



16. Infiniti JX



17. Infiniti QX



18. Kia Sorento



19. Lexus GX 460



20. Lexus LX 570



21. Lincoln Navigator



22. Mazda CX-9



23. Mercedes-Benz GL-Class



24. Mitsubishi Outlander



25. Nissan Armada



26. Nissan Pathfinder



27. Subaru Tribeca



28. Toyota Highlander





29. Toyota Land Cruiser



30. Toyota Sequoia



31. Volvo XC90

















The Rise of Gold: goldRush Rally


The Rise of Gold: goldRush Rally

Name the 2 automotive rallies that make news every year … Gumball 3000 & Bull Run. I have watched these rallies grow for years into a massive pieces of business and fun for many rich superstars. But, about a year ago my head was sharply turned by co-founder of Raymond Lyle when he introduced me to goldRush Rally.

goldRush rally (which we will refer to as ‘gR’) is now entering its fourth year as they prepare for what is short named gR4: Rise Against the Sun. gR like other rallies moves across hundreds of miles of ground in a week’s time bringing in vehicles from around the world. Commonly you will find your gang of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other exotics but don’t be to shocked to find Bugatti Veyrons, gold wrapped Ferrari F430 Scuderias, wide body BMW E92 M3s, or matte white Maybachs joining in on the trip.

gR draws from various industries and car enthusiasts from around the world. What drew me to this rally is the real foundation on which they stand. I picked a copy of the original gR rally and this previous year’s run from the gR store ( the day it became available. Setting myself up for a movie extravaganza on Saturday, I went through all 3 years of the newly famed rally.

Sitting in front of my TV, I knew what I was in for but it wasn’t until each DVD began to play and progress that it really hit me how great this rally is. You learn very quickly that gR brings together good people and good friends with the same passions. Now like any other person, I enjoy this rally for the rides, parties, people (especially the women), and other finer things in life. With other rallies, I quickly feel that it always go back to focusing on these material things and having more money than most to throw around. You know, the 1%, but gR’s participants are genuinely passionate people. You know it, you can see it, and you can feel it.

If you’re an extreme car enthusiast like we are here at MCP then the vivacious sounds of the twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo’s and the world’s fastest Mercedes SLR McLaren are going to suck you into these DVD’s very quickly. I have to say that this year’s DVD shows off the best editing and shots yet. goldRush turned to and Accapella Studio © team for some top notch editing bringing a fresh style to the gR video. With multiple HD camera’s shooting from every possible angle I could have thought of, you will enjoy breathtaking cinematography from around the country (USA).

MCP is already looking forward to covering the rally this upcoming summer 2012 and showing the world what this growing rally is all about. You can find numerous photos from the rally below from’s own CEO Gabriel Sévigny who was glad to share with the community.\

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Bugatti Veyron vs Lamborghini Aventador vs Lexus LFA vs McLaren MP4-12C

Bugatti Veyron vs Lamborghini Aventador vs Lexus LFA vs McLaren MP4-12C

A pretty long title right? But this is an epic battle between one of the most popular and fastest of today’s supercars. Yes, Bugatti Veyron vs Lamborghini Aventador vs Lexus LFA vs McLaren MP4-12C is the pinnacle of every car nut’s wet dream.

Automobile Magazineselected the above mentioned for this epic battle and a pretty interesting video and story. A battle of cars that will make other cars and your wallet run and scream like little girls is what this Friday needs! We won’t bring anything over here, it just wouldn’t be fair to the whole article and video the guys over there made.

So head over to their website, check out this epic battle, in an epic article, completed with a video that will send tingles through your spine! Yes, we are that excited about it! Awesome engine sounds, carbon fiber and fine leather all over, technology and performance all around you. Can’t get better than this? Right?

Crazy Hybrid Bugatti Sedan Confirmed

After much speculation, it is confirmed: The previously unthinkable hybrid Bugatti sedan shall reach production! This is an epic luxury hybrid car, from one of the most expensive and fastest supercars on earth!

Hybrid Bugatti Sedan

Hybrid Bugatti sedan

Well, I suppose that when you are a car company that has been offering only one model for the past five years, catching up just isn’t enough…Even if that model happens to be the Veyron! The idea of a Bugatti sedan was shocking enough, yet a Bugatti sedan that is also a hybrid shows that perhaps the brand is not only looking to compete in other areas, but that it may be another model with a 5-year run!

Hybrid Bugatti Sedan

Hybrid Bugatti Sedan side view

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

The new sedan body style enables Bugatti to compete with the Porsche Panamera and other luxury cars that seem to be extending into more market segments. The sedan will still boast the 16-cylinder engine, and the hybrid version will have an electric range of 25 miles. This way you can leave your Veyron perched in the garage while you take your Bugatti sedan to the grocery…showing how environmental and rad you are! Or you could show off your sensitive side in the porcelain Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron L Or Blanc

The stunning Bugatti Veyron L Or Blanc features porcelain

The unique new hybrid Bugatti sedan will go on sale in late 2012, for a price of just $1.4 million.  Don’t miss our fleet of luxury rental cars Chicagothey are much less…unless you crash them.

Bugatti Galibier 16C May Hit Production As Royale

The luxury concept car known currently as the Bugatti Galibier 16C sedan is rumored to have received a green light for production.  If this is true, there are also rumors that it may be released under the name ‘Royale’ rather than Galibier.  Onward to a short Bugatti history lesson!

Bugatti concepts

Bugatti luxury car concepts, the Galibier 16C or Royale

In the late 1920s, Bugatti released just 6 examples of a Type 41, commonly known as the Royale.  It was a 21-foot long behemoth weighing in at 7,000 pounds and packing a 12.7-liter engine, and it was designed for royalty.  Unfortunately, just 3 Bugatti Royales sold. 

Bugatti concepts

Let’s hope the new Royale fares better than its predecessor!  Word is that the Galibier/Royale (whatever it turns out to be) will offer over-the-top opulence and an 8.0-liter turbocharged W-16 engine kicking out 800 horses.  I feel certain that just a handful of these models will be produced to a pre-existing client base!

Bugatti concepts

Don’t miss more on Bugatti and our fleet of exotic rental cars on your way out!  You can find exactly what you crave under our “Categories” menu on the right side of our luxury blog

Bugatti concepts
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Video: Bugatti Veyrons Get the Bronze in Monaco and Geneva

When you mix masses of money with a love of exotic cars, the result is often intriguing: like this bronze Bugatti Veyron spied in Monaco! This car reminded me of the bronze and polished aluminum beauty from the 2012 Geneva Auto Show see video below. While most Bugatti cars are unique to some degree and all manage to stand out like a sore thumb, these bronze examples leaves an audible impact in their wake!

Bugatti Veyron Grandsport Vitesse in bronze

Supercar owners go to extremes to make their exclusive machines even more unique. Hey, no one likes a copycat. Above is the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse in bronze and aluminum.

If Bugatti Built Bikes, Would They Be Like This?

BMW has steered its way into the liter-bike market with the S1000RR, which is perhaps what Bugatti would build if it entered the luxury bike market! It has been said that the BMW 1000RR is what a superbike should be, the real deal. Let’s look into why this bike could be badder than a Ducati…will we see the Pope’s Ducati fleet replaced by BMW?

The S1000RR is seemingly a flawless approach to true racing power paired with an electronics package that is second to none—a lethal combination.

Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse—A Faster Bugatti Convertible

Bugatti may have axed the standard Veyron coupe, but they keep unleashing the fury with faster versions of the top-dollar hypercar, like the new Grand Sport Vitesse. The Bugatti Vitesse is an exotic convertible that pumps out 1200 horses, which is outstanding when you consider that the Bugatti Veyron typically produces 1,001 horses!

Bugatti convertible
Bugatti makes hypercars

Every Bugatti boasts an 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine equipped with 4 turbochargers and all-wheel drive. Currently, the Grand Sport is fairly extreme as it is–now the Vitesse will be stealing its thunder! “Vitesse” literally means “speed” in Bugatti’s native French, and this new convertible certainly delivers on that claim.

The Grand Sport’s W16 engine has been tweaked to create the Vitesse. The turbochargers and intercoolers have been enlarged and the chassis was reinforced to withstand the added torque. The Vitesse even uses some features from the Bugatti Super Sport, the current fastest supercar on the planet, including its tuned suspension and aerodynamic front fascia.

Bugatti convertible

While Bugatti is mum on the actual top speed of the Vitesse, I assume it will stomp the Grand Sport’s 217 miles per hour. With the Grand Sport holding the title as the world’s fastest exotic convertible, you can guess that the Vitesse will likely snag that with a quickness!

The Bugatti Vitesse will make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show this month, with production set to begin shortly after.

Bugatti convertible

Croatia Bests Bugatti? The Rimac Concept One

When you are leading the exotic sports carmarket in the speed and pricing departments, it is important to keep a watchful eye in that rearview mirror for competitors…like Croatia’s sneaky Rimac Concept One! It has been tweaked a bit, but the all-electric EV supercar is seeking to rival the top dogs and is certainly fetching!

Rimac Concept

The wheels on the Rimac are sharp

The details:
•    Rimac is the brainchild of 24-year old Mate Rimac, auto entrepreneur and designer
•    Do not let the name fool you—Rimac is not a concept car but an actual production-ready model
•    They claim it packs as much power as a Bugatti with stylings that rival Ferrari (1,088 horses to match the Bugatti Veyron…not the Super Sport, however)
•    All of the above without the need for gasoline
•    372 miles on a single charge
•    0-62 sprint in 3 seconds with a top speed of 190 miles per hour (no where near the speed of the Veyron SS, but an admirable beginning!)

Rimac Concept

The Rimac Concept One

How it works:
The Rimac Concept One utilizes a 92-kWh battery to power four sets of electric motors (one for each wheel). Each motor operates independently, accelerating and decelerating hundreds of times per second in what the brand calls “All-Wheel Torque Vectoring”.

Rimac Concept

Just 88 examples of this electric wonder will be created, and they are estimated to emerge at $1 million each. Does Rimac have what it takes to compete with the likes of Fisker with its Karma and Atlantic, Tesla and other top players? While it may seem crazy, this is a start-up that is coming out of the gate with pricing to mirror a Bugatti…never underestimate an opponent! It will be fascinating to see what happens with this new venture.

Rimac Concept


Car Candy: Another Delicious Rare Veyron

Here it is in all of its chrome glory—the exclusive Bugatti VeyronL’Edition Centenaire! Created in 2009, just 4 examples of this rare hypercar emerged—each in a different color. I am partial to the blue and chrome, pictured below.

Veyron L’Edition Centenaire

The French racing blue and chrome color scheme was clearly a nod to Jean-Pierre Wimille, a Bugatti racing driver in the 1930s

Wimille was a Le Mans racing winner and therefore a brand legend. The 4 Centenaire cars lavishly marked the 100th anniversary of Bugatti, in colors that represent the 4 drivers who drove the legendary Type 35 racing car:
• French driver Jean-Pierre Wimille
• Italian driver Achille Varzi
• English driver Malcolm Campbell
• German driver Hermann Zu Leininger

Type 35

Bugatti is forever linked to the Type 35 Grand Prix

There are a few special edition Veyrons, and all offer superior aesthetics and power, but the fastest so far is the Super Sport–shredding the speed limit at 267 miles per hour plus!

Veyron L’Edition Centenaire

All 4 Veyron L’Edition Centenaire units

Which is your favorite offering from Bugatti? Please share below! Don’t miss our inventory of the latest luxury auto rentals from the leading brands on your way out!

Veyron L’Edition Centenaire