Shipping term


There are three shipping methods for the customers to choice:

1. By sea. If the quantity is large enough, we suggest that you could choice this method to shipping the goods. But the shipping period much longer than deliver by air, it usually needs about 25-30 days.

2. By air cargo. We deliver the goods to Hong Kong International Airport firstly, and then shipping to our customers. Compared with the ocean, the air deliver time could be greatly reduced, of course, it costs much more expensive than the ocean. If you need the goods urgently and the quantity of cargo is not too much, we proposed that you can use this method of transport.

3. By express service. It is the highest cost and the fastest of transport time among three transportation methods. We generally use the DHL, UPS, TNT services,customer can also through your own Express Account to transport. if the weight of your order less than 150KG, we recommend that you can use this method of transport.